4th Forum of Caribbean Women

4th Forum of Caribbean Women (to come in october 2016)

The federation of associations FORCES (Women’s federation for cultural economic and social revaluation and organization) initiates Caribbean meetings under the auspices of Regional task force for women’s right and equality since 2005.
These events allowed to participants from Carribean area, French, English, Spanish or creole speakers to exchange and enrich themselves around family and women issues but also to deal with more general questions.
The conclusions of the third forum was in line with a process of dialogue and cooperation.
This will aim to continue the work initiated since 2005, to share mutual experiences between women associations and other partners that will be transformed into concrete actions and effective tools.

The previous editions

  • First Forum of Caribbean Women : “Intersecting Identities” in Guadeloupe7 and 8 April 2005
  • Second Forum of Caribbean Women, “Women and Decisions” in Martinique 8 and 10 november 2006
  • Third Forum of Caribbean Women, “equal opportunities in support of sustainable development” in Guadeloupe 24 and 29 november 2009
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